PS Plus: Sony lowers the price of the best PS4 and PS5 games, here are the ones you shouldn’t miss!

Game News PS Plus: Sony lowers the price of the best PS4 and PS5 games, here are the ones you shouldn’t miss!

As you know, PlayStation likes to throw discounts from time to time on PS4 | PS5, slashing the prices of its big hits. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer inaugurated the “Big Hit Games” promotion until September 27th. What a lot of fun without spending too much. Just for you, here are the five must-have titles included in Sony’s offering. Let’s go !

Cyberpunk 2077 – PS4 | PS5 (-50%)

Do you want to discover or return to Cyberpunk 2077, now that the biggest bugs have been cleaned up and the next-gen update has finally arrived? Eh yes ! It’s now or never. Currently on the PlayStation Store, the PS4 version | CD Projekt Red’s action-adventure RPG game PS5 is 50% off, its price dropping from €49.99 to €24.99. For the few in the background, you embody here V, man or woman (it’s your choice) who plunges headlong into the futuristic and sprawling city of Night City! A journey that will take you to meet the thinking heads of the metropolis, to work for them as a mercenary. A crazy adventure awaits you in this open world game. So yes, believe us, you will not be disappointed.

  • Current price : 24,99€
  • Note on JV: 17/20

The Last of Us Part 2 Deluxe – PS4 (-50%)

So here we go with a big piece! There’s no doubt, you know The Last of Us, a famous post-apo action-adventure license whose first episode recently returned to PS5 with a remake (The Last of Us Part 1). Here, we invite you to discover the sequel: The Last of Us Part 2, in a deluxe edition which includes the digital soundtrack; an artbook also dematerialized; a dynamic theme on PS4 and 6 avatars to tell the story for the PSN. Of course, the basic game is also included. In this one, you continue the story of the first episode with Joel and Ellie. The duo have settled in a peaceful town in Wyoming – but the atrocities committed in the past are about to resurface. A really crazy game.

  • Current price : 24,99€
  • Note on JV: 19/20

Grand Thet Auto 5 – PS4 | PS5 (-67%)

We understand you, the recent leaks on Grand Theft Auto 6 make you want to return to this cult video game saga. Well it is possible, at a lower cost! Immediately, on the PlayStation Store, you can find GTA 5 at only €19.79 vs. €59.99 usually. The edition also includes the PS5 version of the software and all the graphic innovations that this implies. What ? Don’t know what Grand Theft Auto is? It’s an open-world action-adventure game that overtly caricatures American society. Between drugs, xenophobia and class struggle, the striking themes are not lacking! In this fifth episode: you take turns playing Michael, Trevor and Franklin – who do their best to make a fortune in a world that doesn’t always turn out very well. You will understand, it’s a really good app.

  • Current price : 19,79€
  • Note on JV: 18/20

God of War – PS4 (-50%)

You are not unaware that at the end of the year, more precisely on November 9, 2022, there is a very big game coming. Yes, we are of course talking about God of War Ragnarok: Sony’s next triple-A. If you’ve never done the previous episode, it’s high time to get started. That’s good because the title in question, God of War (2018), is now on sale on the PlayStation Store, going from €19.99 to €9.99. A boon. As a reminder, the software follows the adventure of Kratos, God of War, and Atreus, his son. As the big guy thinks he’s finally found peace, his past will suddenly resurface – prompting the duo to explore the universe of Midgard. An unforgettable experience. FYI, God of War is also available in the Essential catalog of PS Plus. It is also included in the PS Plus Collection on PlayStation 5.

  • Current price : 9.99€
  • Note on JV: 18/20

The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition – PS4 (-80%)

We end with the previous game from CD Projekt Red (Cyberpunk 2077), the great The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A real event when it was released in 2015, as much to say that the open world action RPG has lost none of its luster. So before welcoming its new generation upgrade, still scheduled for the end of the year, you probably want to immerse yourself in the bewitching world of Geralt De Riv and the Witchers. You see us coming: so much the better, because the game is currently discounted on the PlayStation Store, for €9.99. Above all, we are talking here about the Game of the Year release which includes all the additional adventures namely “Hearts of Stone” and “Blood and Wine” both very successful. Enough to guarantee you hours of content, with well-written quests and epic battles. At this price, you really get what you pay for.

  • Current price : 9.99€
  • Note on JV: 19/20

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